Pioneers of Hosting

Comitted to our customers success, and exceeding the standards of the industry

The journey Servercraft has taken is a long and winding road, a journey that never ceases. Started in 2010, we set out with the ambition to pioneer a new industry and foster a new generation of hosting.

Since 2010, we've provided unmatched hosting for game servers, and have helped dozens of startups get off the ground with our incredible dedicated server hosting offers. Powered by AMD, our AMD Servers set out to beat our competitors and provide resources at prices previously unattainable.

We'll continue to work to push the envelope of what's possible and affordable in hosting. Providing top tier support and resources, at prices individuals and companies can use to grow is what we'll continue to tirelessly work on. Because our customers success, is our success. Join us today, and take the journey on a path of affordability and sustainability for your hosting needs. We're just getting started.

Our customers drive our passion; Without them, none of this would be possible.
Almas Khan - Founder

Meet The Team

Almas Khan

President, CEO, and Founder

In 2010 while attending the University of Houston, Almas founded Servercraft with the intent of building a company with the foundation of affordability and sustainabilty. In 2011, Almas grew Servercraft to start offering Dedicated Server Hosting, built with AMD Opteron at their heart. Since then he's reached out to startups across the country to utilize Servercraft to grow and experience a more personal experience not offered elsewhere.

Roy Xu

CTO and Head of Hosting

Joining Servercraft in 2010, Roy was brought on to lead Servercraft's Dedicated Server product division. Focusing on Data Center operations, server acquisition, and technical support. Roy comes from a strong background in system administration, and Data Center operations. Roy continues to maintain strong relationships with our customers, and actively works on pioneering new methodologies at Servercraft to further streamline our operations and our customers experience.