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Enterprise Hardware

Rest assured, knowing your Dedicated Server is running on the latest generation cutting edge server technology.

Money Back Guarantee

Servercraft, believes in giving you peace of mind. That is why we offer an unconditional 10 day money back guarantee for game servers!

Control Panel

Effortlessly manage your game server with our Desktop and Mobile friendly Control Panel. Install Start/Stop/Restart your server in a breeze.

24/7/365 Support

Our support staff prides themselves on their time tested knowledge, rest easy knowing we have got your back if anything comes up.

High Performance Hosting

Servercraft utilizes some of the best providers around the world to provide exceptional performance for our game hosting customers! Providing low latency, and effortless speed we give you affordable reliably gaming!

Instant Server Updates

Servercraft servers automatically keep your server up to date within 5 minutes of new server updates being released!

Tier 1 Bandwidth

Servercraft utilizes Tier 1 providers to supply your connection to your game server with stability and low latency


Located in Dallas, Servercraft is able to provide low latency to the east and west coast of the US.